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Avoiding Ripoffs on European Dating Websites

Internet dating is unquestionably fun, but we cannot dismiss the fact that some people take advantage of this market as it has turned into a very popular platform for singles all over the world. The primary objective for singles is to find themselves a lifelong partner. When individuals get into internet dating with this kind of thinking, sadly that leaves them very open to scammers.

dating safetyNow that you are reading this, you are probably remembering some of the occasions that you’ve encountered when you were internet dating. Good for you if you have not already been caught in a mess this way but if you have there’s no need to worry because now you will be aware ways to avoid similar situations in the future.

To people who have not had these experiences yet, here are the warning signs that you should watch out for:

*Inconsistent stories.

Despite the fact that these scammers are clever, it is impossible to keep a lie going for a long time. Usually, you will notice that the woman you’ve been talking to provides pretty inconsistent details about herself. Her favourite color, for instance, could be green this week and then red a couple of weeks later. Her loved ones could be living in her state this week and then, when you ask again, they may be in the US.

*Hearing a lot of sob stories.

With regards to internet dating and the woman you’re interested in meeting up with, you’d speak honestly about yourself and ask questions about her. You would NEVER (at least not at the beginning) tell a sob story to the person you would like to get to know more. This could seem like a beginning for something and it is…

*”You should help me”

This would be the continuation. The sob tale will turn into a frantic asking for help. The scammer will tell you that you are her (provided that you are in fact talking to a woman in the first place) only hope, that no one else could get her or her family out of the situation. When someone tells you that you’re the only one in the world that can help them, you’re probably walking into a trap.

Seems to go out of her way trying in order to avoid chatting via Skype, Google Hangouts etc.

Excuses, excuses, excuses – these are all that you are going to hear whenever you want that girl to chat with you using the phone or with communications software like Skype . Maybe they are not who they say they are and they could be trying to avoid getting caught lying. Whatever the case, you need to be aware of all warning signs you come across.

These Four Tips Should Keep You Protected

These represent the most commonly used tricks that scammers will try to use on you. Never wire money to people you have met when online dating. People asking perfect strangers for money is definitely an evident red flag.

4 Things European Ladies Look for in Guys

Women have this idea in their head about what type of man they wish to be with in the future. But with regards to European girls, it is also the same. It’s wrong to assume that these girls want someone that is truly handsome, well-built and drives a Porsche. In other words, they want the perfect Prince Charming. Let’s just tone it down a bit since we’ve checked out many profiles and you would be shocked at what European ladies truly want in a guy:

1. They would like someone who is sensitive.

European ladiesThis characteristic is easily associated with the words: “soft”, “sappy”, “feminine” and this isn’t in anyway what European ladies want. To further explain, we mean sensitive in a way that you are aware and you consider how she feels. Being empathetic and understanding are similar to being sensitive.

2. A Man Who Would Take Control.

If you believe that ladies from Europe like men who say YES to them at all times then you’re wrong. The man should be able to decide and take control. Don’t forget that almost all European ladies are strong-willed at first but don’t be fooled by their tough exterior because, in the end, they like the guy to be THE MAN of the house – assertive but not forceful, strong yet not overbearing, enforces rules but not demanding.

3. They like someone who would provide.

Any girl would want somebody who has a steady income. European ladies would like their MAN of the HOUSE to be able to provide for the family’s basic needs. Having a man whom they can count on financially makes them feel secure and this is crucial to them. They do not mean providing for everything. Because European ladies are independent, they are able to take care of themselves. Nevertheless, it is also crucial for them to feel secure that you have it covered if the need arises.

4. A Man Who will Respect Them.

Respect, amongst other things, is really essential for European girls. They like a guy who lets them be themselves, lets them follow their personal goals and encourages them to be more self-sufficient. As the guy, wouldn’t you want a woman who is supportive of you and what you wish to attain in life?

Everything is Pretty Much The Same

So what European ladies want is pretty much similar to what all women want. Finding your ideal European girl would be easy if you have the traits mentioned above. Remember, no guy is perfect but…you could be a good guy.